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​About me

Life is a journey full of excitements. We must live to love, learn to lead, and leave a legacy with affection and mindfulness.

I have achieved my Bachelor Degree in the US and held many senior management and executive positions in the field of luxury hospitality. I am also a professional business coach, certified by ICF, CCA and also partner up with Lee Hecht Harrison as an independent consultant. My expedition had inspired me to realize an important mission: helping others to accomplish more with less, and in style.


Specialized in Business & Executive Coaching, and with great experiences in leadership and management, I have assisted other leaders and businesses achieving their objectives. 

Hoa Nguyen

ICF Coach

LHH Independent Consultant



Coaching Model


4 Steps that will change your game.

Evaluation and assessment

of current business state or being.


Provide companionship

for the upcoming coaching journey, develop action plans.


Execute strategies,

tactics, action plans.


Monitor progress

to adjust strategies for maximum optimization.

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